Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whoa! What Happened to 2011!

Just wanted to do an update and confess that I feel guilty about not having been a better blogger. Perhaps this new year will be a fresh start for my blog as well as the calendar!
2011 was a crazy full year (hence the un-updated blog). By way of explanation and giving myself a virtual pat on the back here are some highlights:
April/May - the Southern California Permaculture Convergence was a wild and woolly success! I organized all the speakers and workshops. I don't recommend that task be done by one person for future gatherings! It made me into a real hag (sorry if you had to deal with me :)
and it all seemed worth it at the event. We had around 275 attendees, 3 days packed with information, action, and inspiration, and some of my favorite permaculture heroes for up and down the coast. There used to be great stuff online on the website. Seems like now it's more about upcoming events instead of history. Probably a good thing. Here's the site for more info:

May also brought the West Coast Womens' Permaculture Gathering. I was one of four key organizers for this event and managed the registration and website among other things. This was another heart warming belly laughing host of amazing permaculture people. IT was especially sweet to be in the company of women in this movement and Starhawk and the other presenters really created something beautiful. This was the second event of this time I've helped create and I can't wait for the next one! Here's more info (historical)

and while all this crazy busy excitement was happening another crazy exciting thing was happening. I fell in love! and it stuck! This has had an enormous impact on my productivity. and I wouldn't change a thing (except if someone offered to pay me for doing permaculture and blogging:) I am still stupidly happy and oogly loving my man. I still feel okay being the "single girl" homesteader 'cause I'm not married yet and my beloved isn't much of a homesteader. He loves the garden, is totally cool with the rabbits who live under the bed (bless him!) and really supportive of my homesteading tendencies and I am really happy. It's pretty amazing to finally have a sense of partnership and what is possible with that.

He inspired me to submit an abstract for a talk at the upcoming Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness conference this February about how plearning ermaculture/natural systems can be transformative. I'm really excited!

Also upcoming are a curriculum package for Common Vision about soil and compost, a community emergency response training permaculture style with Rachel Kaplan, and a soil foodweb workshop with Doug Weatherbee! Stay tuned!

I hope your own year is full of exciting stuff that gets you out in the world and still leaves some time for sitting on a garden bench appreciating all the beauty in the world.

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