Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is it any wonder I'm staying in on a Saturday night?

As much as I wish I was filling this space with tales of my exploits it seems that I will be staying home again both evenings this weekend. There are parties galore and all kinds of things to go out and do but I spent the day up to my ankles in fish goo. My hands feel like sandpaper, my back hurts from hauling buckets of muck for hours today and I've got fish poop in my hair. I've also got a huge amount of work to do helping to organize the upcoming Southern California Permaculture Convergence (which is going to be incredible BTW) and when else am I going to do it?
Kinda makes me wonder if there's any nookie in my future until summer with the schedule I'm facing. That's no good.
How's a busy girl supposed to hook up?
and that's not even the real question I'm trying to answer. It's not just a hook up - that's much easier. How is someone who spends her days happily mulching rabbit litter box contents and beaming about her seed order supposed to find love and partnership in this super superficial and so fast moving city?
It seems my urban homesteading habit might interfere with my romantic endeavors. Not many men will find rabbits who live under my bed to be a turn on. Maybe I can woo him with the magical home grown produce from my garden? Or the home brew kombucha or saurkraut I made? Not likely.
My best bet would probably be to attend the free lecture tonight at the Arboretum on bees, wasps and ants and I would LOVE to be there but I'm tired and dirty from working all day and it starts in ten minutes. sigh...
no exciting news on the romance front to report for the time being.


  1. You took the words out of my head.

  2. Hi Marya, I've had people tell me that I would be much more of a catch if I changed my urban homesteading habits. Trouble is, whoever would catch me would only be catching a shadow of me. My compost isn't just something I do! It's a huge part of who I am! I hope your journeys towards partnership are more fruitful than my latest forays have been!