Monday, March 21, 2011

Water water everywhere and not a drop....

saved via my non-existent roof catchment system. So much for the wise old strategy of sourcing your water first then doing all the garden stuff. I can't help myself though it's the garden I make time for. I was wise about installing the irrigation lines before I start planting. I've done it the other way around before and it's a pain. and when will I ever have this gorgeous blank slate of front garden to lay out lines on again? I expect it will be a riotous burst of color and form for many years to come.
So, in the short break between days of torrential downpours I went outside and laid down the netafim irrigation line. Netafim is a straight tube with embedded emitters that are self flushing. It is SO MUCH easier than dealing with ugly black poly line and the confusing tangle of spaghetti tubing and emitters and mess. I got a little perplexed on their website with how to make a grid over my super curvilinear multi tiered landscape. They show these really neat looking lines of netafim with piping on either side to form a layer of lines over your yard. Was not having any fun trying to wrap my head around how to interpret that for my front garden. I went to JHM Irrigation (LOVE THEM!) with some questions based on the netafim websites info.
The website mentioned one product Netafim EZ that was designed for curvier landscapes and sharper turns and could easily be snaked around in a big circle. That seems more up my alley.
Turns out I was right! (love it when that happens :)
The guy at JHM was a gem. Stayed with me helping even after their official closing time. We pretty much returned the entire box of stuff I'd picked up from them on Saturday at a different location with much less helpful staff present. He set me up with a variety of little tubes and small plastic things that actually made sense. I got home and laid the line out. The hardest part was trying to figure out whether to turn to the right or the left to take the twist out of the hose. Got the garden lines laid out, will cut everything to fit and attach it to the hose bib soon (not necessary now as we've got more rain on the way and I don't even have any plants in the ground yet). I am delighted it went so quick and eager to test it out. but before that I'm WAY more eager to start planting! So happy that is on my agenda for very very soon. I LOVE my front yard and I can't wait to eat it :)

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