Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to my world!

I finally decided to start blogging about what's happening in my life and in my yard. This whole trademark thing has been an epiphany for me. I never realized how much I identified with the term "Urban Homesteading" before my friends the Dervaes apparently trademarked it. It is such a depictor of how I live and what I enjoy that I can't not use it! and the term was around long before either the Dervaes or I used it. It's really a movement and I am a part of this movement. I've been holding the candle of this movement trying to keep the flame from dying out for many years and I'm finally able to hold up my light and proudly share it with others.
I AM AN URBAN HOMESTEADER! and more so now since last weekend I hosted a "Swan Song for my Lawn" workshop with Larry Santoyo of Earthflow Design ( He designed and the class and I build the most beautiful spiral bed terraces where my front yard used to be. I'm dazzled, the neighbors are mostly supportive (the kids are CRAZY about the strawberries!), and I can no longer hide my urban homesteaderness.

Why I think I have something to add to the glut of info about urban homesteading is that I do not have a family that tends the garden, monitors the gray water system, or maintains my livestock. It's all me all the time. I am single. Not so much by choice - although I'm sure on a spiritual blah blah blah level that if I wasn't choosing it it wouldn't be so or some claptrap like that. I'm happy to share my story so that other people realize that although it takes a village to raise a child, it only takes one dedicated person to raise five rabbits, a tribe of (recently spayed and neutered) feral cats, a healthy hive of bees, gazillions of worms, dozens of fruit trees, and loads of vegetables. If I can do it with my CRAZY schedule anybody can do it!

as for the allusion to "Sex and the Single Girl" that's no accident either. I happen to be someone who very much enjoys life on the sensual side (how can you harvest a ripe peach and not be turned on?) so expect to hear snippets of that side of my life time and again too.

I'm happy to share my adventures and misadventures so stay tuned for more dirt!

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