Friday, March 18, 2011

Pond muckabout on the horizon

Tomorrow I am cleaning out the pond outside my classroom. The pond was built with grant money from the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District several years ago. It was a one day project and my students and I were amazed at what we created together (with the help of some pro pond builders). Now, several years later, the bottom is filling up with goo and the poor fishies hide outs are submerged in it. I think they feel very vulnerable and I feel for them. I'm also eager to get that goo for my new front yard garden (and all the other places I plant and tend). It will be my first foray into using a sump pump and doing anything of this magnitude. We'll be removing all the water, fish, and plants and power washing the rocks until they are clean. Then refilling and dechlorinating and carefully replacing everything back into the pond. If you have a pond and are wondering how to do it I found lots of resources on google. Here's one:
One super important thing that I learned today (trying out my $175 super fancy sump pump that is supposed to absolutely not clog up and ruin the day tomorrow) is I need to put the pump into a container. A short bucket or plastic box (short sided) or the pump will suck up rocks and whatever else it is close to. I think the pump is okay but don't want that to happen again! One website suggested putting it in a milk crate but that still seemed like too big of holes and lots of potential for small rocks to go through.
It's also supposed to rain tomorrow. First time I scheduled this event it got cancelled because of rain and then it didn't even rain.
I'm praying for rain for my garden but I wish it would hold off until tomorrow evening so this project can get done.
If the sun is shining on the East side of Los Angeles county wish me luck!

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